Anthurium Luxurians


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General Information and Care: Anthurium luxurians, previously known as Anthurium spledidum, has one of the most stunningly bullate leaves of any terrarium species that we offer. This plant is mainly grown for the foliage as the flower is not extremely showy. As you can see in the pictures, the leaves have a deeply bullate texture to them. As the leaves unfurl, they start on a light red to almost pink color and slowly deepen to a dark green with some hints of blue. Additionally, as the leaf unfurls, the bullate texture increases making the leaf really stand out compared to most other plants in a typical terrarium. This species can get large, and should be grown in at least an 18” tall and 18” wide tank. This species does extremely well in typical terrarium conditions. Though, it should be noted that this is an extremely slow growing species. Typically it will get a new leaf every 2-4 months in our experience when growing in a terrarium.

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