Monstera Albo Cuttings


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Style A-E are top cuttings.

Style F,G,H,I are mid cuttings.



Care Tips:


Shallow Rooted Cuttings:

Keep it in moss with the original pot for 1-2 months, water it once a week. You may transfer it into orchid mix soil once the roots are stronger and longer. 


Fully Rooted Cuttings :

You may transfer fully rooted cuttings into soil mix a week or two after receiving them, soak the moss into warm water, gently remove it. 



80% of orchid mix and 20% regular soil in a pot with drainage holes.   


Watering and fertilizing: 

Plant in Sphagnum moss- Once a week

Plant in Soil- Once a week or biweekly (depends on the size of the pot)

We recommend using superthrive plus low N plant food once a month in Winter, twice a month in other months. 




Indirect sunlight.



Average 50%-60% humidity is great for monstera Albos! High humidity might cause variegated part turning brown.



Make sure you keep your Albo in a well ventilated environment. 


Pest control:

1, Mix 1 teaspoon of Neem oil, 2 pumps of dish soap into 1L water, use spray bottle.

2, Shake well and spray it on paper towel, then use moist paper towel gently wipe the leafs (Front and Back), stems ONCE A MONTH. 


Growing Tips:

Monsteras are good climbers! Adding a Moss pole or coco pole definitely support the growth of your lovely monstera Albos! 


 Monstera is mildly toxic to human and pets. 


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