Alocasia Silver Dragon

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Alocasia Silver Dragon is native to Eastern Borneo from the calcium-rich limestone regions – as tropical as it can get. This means you have to grow Silver Dragon in warm, moist, humid conditions for best results. 


Good drainage is key to keeping Alocasia Silver Dragon happy. They will grow beautifully if the mix you choose is quick-draining. But the soil you grow Alocasia Silver Dragon in needs to be soft. Very gritty or rough mixtures are not recommended. 


About 70-80% filtered direct sunlight so that the leaves don’t burn. In the natural environment Alocasia Silver Dragon plants are found under the shade of trees where there’s a clearing.


The thick-leafed Silver Dragon plants love warm temperatures. You can grow Alocasia Silver Dragon between 55°- 80°F (13°-27°C). However, these tropical evergreens become slow growing under temperatures below 60°F (16°C). 


Just like other members of its genus, Alocasia Silver Dragon care requires as much humidity as you can give it. They occur in the warmer coastal areas in the far south east. 80% to 100% humidity levels is what they would love. 

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