Epipremnum Pinnatum Albo


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In general, Epipremnum pinnatum albo plants thrive in well-lit locations with good indirect sunlight. Indoors, place these vines near a window where they can receive at least six hours of bright, indirect light. In outdoor settings, make sure you provide some partial shade during harsh afternoon sunlight.
  • These plants belong to the Epipremnum genus that contains exactly 15 species of evergreen and perennial flowering vines. They are large epiphytes that grow and climb on tall host trees or rock surfaces.
  • Epipremnum pinnatum species are sturdy vines that can reach between  19.7 to 65.6 feet (6-20 m) in height. They have a big network of aerial clasping roots.
  • The foliage of Tibatib plants usually varies depending on their age. Young specimens are terrestrial creepers and will produce mature leaves only when there is enough height for climbing.

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