Philodendron Strawberry Shake Whole Plant Giant Form


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Please keep the plant in original moss for another 2-3 weeks before repot it.

Philodendron Strawberry Shake is a variegated hybrid Philodendron with large blotches of light yellow. New leaves are dark maroon and with age fade to a dark green. The variegation runs through this and causes orange and pinks to show up. Giving you more of a quad colour variegation which is not often seen in plants. The leaves are a more spade to triangle shape and may grow to 8 inches to 1 foot long and 5 to 7 inches wide. It is a climber and should be given something to grow up. Does well as a houseplant or tropical garden to greenhouse plant. We recommend removing any non variegated leaves or stems to prevent reverting of the variegation. 


Indirect Bright light



normal room temperature



50%-70%  keep it in a well ventilated area after watering it.



once a week 


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